SARMs benefits

SARMs (selective androgen receptor modulators) can offer similar benefits as anabolic steroids (AAS), but without undesirable side effects. Another great advantage SARMs have over AAS is that it can be taken orally, while testosterone and AAS cannot.


SARMs are known for their ability to help build a great amount of muscle mass in a short period of time.


The benefits SARMs offer to bodybuilders and athletes are incredible, these products can help the with overall body transformation, also pushing performance to unmatched levels.


SARMs are non-toxic to the liver, minimize bone loss, does not shut down natural testosterone production, decreasing the threat of prostate problems in men and muscle wasting. Also, SARMs do not convert to dihydrotestosterone, therefore no conversion to estrogen.


For muscle builders and fitness enthusiasts, taking SARMs will help with:


·     Increase muscle growth

·     Increase muscle strength

·     Increase endurance

·     Reduce body fat

·     Increase bone density

·     Reduces recovery time

·     Muscle wasting prevention

·     Increase joint healing abilities



Let's take a look at a few of these benefits in more detail.





The main benefit of SARMs is muscle growth and development of muscle in the body. This occur due to its selectivity in binding to androgen receptors, increasing their nitrogen and glucose uptake, resulting in the increase of anabolic effects on muscles and bones. 

The amount of muscle gained from a SARMs can vary according to many factors, including which product you choose, but it's not uncommon to hear users packing on up to 20lbs of muscle mass.


Best SARMs for muscle growth: Ligandrol LGD-4033, Nutrabol MK-677, Testolone RAD-140, YK-11.





An important part of an athletic regime is to be able to have enough stamina to endure long training sessions without getting burned out. SARMs are able to push those limits, allowing your body to work harder for extended periods, helping the muscles to develop faster.


These products increase muscle fiber to take up more oxygen, gaining stamina faster allowing the body to keep pushing harder.





SARMs products can help reduce the amount of body fat in many ways. SARMs stimulates the body to break down fat cells to be used as energy, stimulating the body to work as if it is in starvation mode. As a result, fat tissues in the body will be reduced drastically.


Also, these products can have similar affect fat cells the same way as growth hormones do. They control the inflammation process in different tissues in the body, reducing the formation of fat cells. As a result, SARMs help burning the existing fat cells, aiding weight loss.





A common problem for athletes is bone density. Decrease in bone density can lead to many problems from fractures to broken bones. SARMs products have positive effects on bone mineral density, due to its potential to increase periosteal bone formation. Also, SARMs helps decrease endocorticol and trabecular bone turnover, creating denser bones.





SARMs are capable of cutting recovery time by up to 50%, reducing recovery time of muscles and neurotransmitters, giving you the muscle strength you need and the mind focus to continuing to perform at a higher level at the gym.



SARMs products are the next big thing, due to its ability to stimulate high anabolic muscle activity and in preventing muscle wasting.

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