Androtech Research Melatonin is the ideal supplement to help control sleep patterns, regulate the circadian cycle and provide a peaceful and relaxing night’s sleep, favoring muscle growth and fat burning.

Melatonin serves athletes and the general population, aiming to assist in the regulation of general aspects of human physiology, such as: sleep and wake cycles, energy, muscle growth, reduction of body fat and hormone release, including the release of the hormone of the growth.

Which makes the melatonin supplement an important ally in controlling these physiological functions.

Athletes always try to balance muscle growth with burning body fat, which becomes a difficult activity when the body is not in a proper rhythm of melatonin and disturbed sleep.

Androtech Research’s melatonin supplement was launched to help you overcome these barriers and keep your body in optimal functioning that favors muscle growth and definition, fat elimination, in addition to providing general well-being.

• Reduces the circadian cycle
• Deep and relaxing sleep
• Increased release of growth hormone
• Supports muscle growth
• Facilitates fat burning
• Strengthens the immune system
• Improvement in general well-being


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