Reset by Androtech Research was created to be the most complete product for post cycle therapy (tpc) and to help restore your body quickly after any prohormonal cycle.

Reset is not just any add-on. It is capable of promoting effects in the body which will ensure the stabilization and proper secretion of adequate and high levels of one of the main hormones for men, testosterone, which is well known not only for its basic physiological functions, but also for being a hormone directly linked with physical performance, performance and all aesthetic aspects resulting from physical activity practices.

In this way, Cycle Reset has as its primary function the improvement in the production and secretion of this hormone, making your results even better and, mainly, also helping you who finished a prohormonal cycle and need something to increase your speed. recovery, in order to better stabilize your hormonal axis and, therefore, maintain the gains obtained previously.

  • Improves the release of igf-1 and gh
  • Inhibits aromatization (conversion of excess male to female hormone)
  • Restore endogenous testosterone
  • Inhibits the binding of estradiol and progesterone with their receptors (reduces the synthesis of estrogen)
  • Prevents the production of excess estrogen (female hormone)
  • Keeps gains made during the cycle
  • Improves sexual performance


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