Shield by Androtech Research contains 250mg of Tudca, the most advanced liver protection substance on the market today that provides healthy liver support and a wide variety of other benefits for total support during and post cycle.

Tudca is more effective than any other liver protector and has the ability to remove toxic chemicals from the liver from any damage or disease.

Caused by bile toxic materials. Not only do you get liver protection, but you also have a bad cholesterol fighter when consuming Tudca.

With that in mind, Androtech Research created a product that could help in this aspect, but also, that could bring other benefits simultaneously. For this, it created

Shield, today considered the most powerful hepatic protective supplement, but much more than that, this is also a supplement that will help you improve

Your health as a whole, through unique and extremely efficient mechanisms.

  • Protects the liver
  • Controls liver cholesterol levels
  • Improves glucose utilization
  • Increased concentrations of glycogen
  • Considered a neuroprotective agent
  • Low insulin resistance and increased insulin sensitivity
  • Protects and restores liver, kidney, cardiovascular and other organ functions


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